5 years Cultural Consultant - 5 years effective and joyful learning experiences

TODAY – 5 Years ago – I kicked-off Cultural Consultant, my business. Best thing I could do :-)

Ever since, I share the experiences I gained while working internationally for more than 25 years, while living abroad and when coming back to Germany,... with professionals from all around the globe.


As a Team-Coach, as a Business-Trainer and as a Mediator.


It makes me happy to help people who work in an international environment, work in virtual, international teams, who lead people with different backgrounds and those who take that move to another country.


Cultural learning doesn't fall from the sky and it doesn't come for free. It requires some investment, investment in time-outs. It is highly rewarding though, because not only will people learn more about themselves, their thinking patterns and implicit assumptions. It also widens the behavioral repertoire people have at hand when working internationally or going abroad. And it is a lot of fun, too, promise!


Celebrate with me, and take a look what my clients have to say :-)



Das Beratungs- und Trainingsangebot rund um Interkulturelle Kompetenz wird zielgenau auf Ihre Situation ausgerichtet. Nehmen Sie Kontakt zu Cultural Consultant auf für eine unverbindliche Analyse und ein maßgeschneidertes Angebot.